About Us

Hi I’m Ellie, co founder of Rewound Clothing. I started Rewound with my Dad on a mission to bring sustainable, great quality, men’s fashion to the market at a much more reasonable price.

With a lot of high street brands working to make their products more sustainable I started on a mission. What if I can create a product that isn’t just 30% recycled or sustainable, even 50%, what if we can make it 100%? And not only that, by cutting out the middle man and bringing the product directly to you guys what if we can deliver that product at a much more affordable price?

Dad’s designed and supplied men’s casual wear for pretty much every name on the high street for over 40 years. His experience and keen eye for the perfect texture make up has been absolutely invaluable in the development of our products. 

We’ve been developing our core fabrics for the last 2 years, working hard to make them as sustainable as possible, working with the latest innovations in recycled, eco and organic fabrics to produce every day comfort and fashion that is kind to the environment and won’t break the bank.

Our collections are designed to be part of a capsule wardrobe, easy to wear and made to be worn across seasons again and again. We've taken apart every detail of our products and made them as sustainable as possible, with biodegradable corozzo buttons, sustainable linings down to recycled and recyclable packaging. Our aim is to help you add sustainability to your wardrobe as easily as possible with shirts that you love and want to continue to wear.

I couldn't have said it better myself...