Reflecting on Rewound Clothing's One Year Anniversary: A Message from the Founders

Reflecting on Rewound Clothing's One Year Anniversary: A Message from the Founders

As the founders of Rewound Clothing, we are thrilled to mark our one year anniversary since launching our sustainable fashion brand in May 2023. This milestone provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our journey and celebrate the achievements we've made in our mission to revolutionize the fashion industry with eco-friendly practices.

Reflecting on Our Achievements:

Launch Success: The launch of Rewound Clothing was a pivotal moment for us, as we introduced our debut collection of sustainable shirts crafted from 100% recycled or natural fibres. The positive response from our customers and the media, with features in SSEAMS, Chelsea Living and Exclusive Homes Worldwide magazines, reaffirmed our belief in the importance of sustainable fashion and fuelled our passion to drive change in the industry.

Growing Impact: Over the past year, we've witnessed the impact of our brand growing steadily, as more environmentally conscious consumers embrace our ethos of transparency, quality, and sustainability. The support from our growing customer base has been humbling and serves as a testament to the growing demand for ethical and eco-friendly fashion options.

Strategic Partnerships: We are proud of the strategic partnerships and collaborations we've cultivated with like-minded organizations, such as lifecycle assessment experts Bearth Solutions, and sustainable marketplaces who share our commitment to sustainability. These partnerships have enabled us to amplify our message and reach a broader audience, driving awareness and adoption of sustainable fashion practices.

Looking Ahead:

Expanding Our Vision: As we look ahead to the future, we are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. We remain committed to expanding our product line to offer a wider range of sustainable fashion options, pushing the boundaries of innovation while staying true to our core values.

Community Engagement: Our anniversary celebrations are not just about looking back but also about looking forward. We are passionate about engaging with our community through educational initiatives and interactive campaigns, inspiring and empowering individuals to make more sustainable lifestyle choices.

Continued Advocacy: Advocating for positive change within the fashion industry remains at the forefront of our mission. We will continue to champion greater transparency, ethical production standards, and environmental responsibility, driving systemic change and contributing to a more sustainable future for fashion.


As we celebrate this significant milestone, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our customers, partners, and supporters who have been instrumental in our journey thus far. Together, we have made strides in creating a more sustainable fashion landscape, and we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Here's to many more years of making a positive impact on the planet through fashion.


Thank you for all your support so far,

Ellie & David

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